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Creativity and Innovation

Cool Idea: Documenting Inquiry-Based Learning on Video

Identifying problems, brainstorming possible solutions, and conducting experiments are all steps in the process of inquiry learning.  One school is taking the process even further, by adding video documentation to the mix.

Vegetated Roof and Astronomy Viewing Area Among Features of Green STEM Facility

New construction breaks ground at the Atlantic Cape Community College in New Jersey. This $16 Million building that focuses on STEM facilities will be a sustainable venture into expanding the College’s supply of forward thinking curriculum. “It will be the home of the new Air Traffic Control (Terminal) Degree program, will have a vegetated “green” roof and astronomy viewing area, and is designed to receive Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) silver status”.

Innovative Project in Worcester Turns STEM to STEAM

The Art of Science Learning, a new initiative made possible by funding from the National Science Foundation, promises to enhance STEM education in Worcester through the arts.  Led by the Ecotarium in partnership with individuals from numerous Worcester organ

Innovative MA Science Teacher Honored at Patriots Game

Science scored a touchdown at the Patriots game last night, when Kelly Graveson, an 8th-grade teacher at Douglas High School in Douglas, MA, earned "Teacher of the Week" honors through Cubist Pharmaceuticals’ Science Education Leadership Award program.  Throughout football season, the program will

STEM Toy Fuels Young Imaginations

On a recent post in her blog, Shaping Youth founder Amy Jussel shares her impressions of a couple of STEM-centric toys showcased at the Maker Faire.  Specifically, littleBits grabbed -- and held -- the interest of young kids.

Turning Classrooms into Idea Factories

All signs point to the fact that the abilities to innovate and create are skills that today's students need for future success. Teachers who make their classrooms "idea factories" for their students, rather than focusing solely on textbook-based instruction, have the right idea.


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