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Creativity and Innovation

Food for Thought: Teaching Teachers About the Brain

How's this for a useful application of science: An interesting post by Dr. Judy Willis in Edutopia makes the case for teachers having a foundation in neuroscience.  A neurologist herself, as well as a teacher, Dr.

Innovative Solar Space Imager Gets NASA Training Award

Researchers at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, and the agency's Marshall Space Flight Center have earned a prestigious honor -- the Hands-On Project Experience (HOPE) Training Opportunity award -- that promotes achievement among America's newest ranks of space scientists and en

The Creative Side of Science

When the subject turns to engineering, too many students' eyes glaze over. But far from being a boring subject, many engineering fields require vast amounts of creativity.

Intel's SciArt Series: Beauty + Innovation

The projects from around the world that made it into this year's Intel International Science and Engineering Fair are outstanding examples of student innovation.

Making Project Based Learning Authentic

Jim Vanides, Education Program Manager, Sustainability & Social Innovation at Hewlett-Packard, makes a case for project-based learning that is tangible, relevant, and authentic in a blog post on

Are Science Standards Taught as if They Were Bricks?

Noted education reformer John Dewey believed in active learning that should not be limited by process. In other words, we cannot give ideas directly to students as if they were "bricks" and expect them to engage with them in a way that is lasting and educationally meaningful.

How Well Does Your School District Nurture Creativity?

Some states, including Massachusetts, seem to be taking this question seriously.


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