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Curious Minds Initiative

Project-Based Learning: The Wave of the Educational Future

Touted as the educational model best suited to prepare students for 21st-century challenges, project-based learning boosts student engagement while honing critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Everett High School Science Fair!

Great things are happening in the Everett, MA Public Schools.  Of particular note: The Everett High School Science Fair, held on January 12.  Exhibitions in biology, chemistry, engineering, and physics offered answers to some intriguing q

Innovative Education Initiative Aims to Create Culture of Research in Everett Schools

How many middle and high school students that you know can describe what a biotechnology scientist does at her lab bench?  How many of their parents could rattle off the kinds of tasks performed by an electrical engineer?  Or the trainin

Framingham State an Official NASA Educator Resource Center

Framingham State University, which partners with MSSEF through MSSEF's Curious Minds Initiative to offer the STEM Certificate in Inquiry, is positioned to become an invaluable resource to teachers of STEM subjects.  As Massachusetts' first NAS

High Wages Tied to STEM Certificates, Bachelor's Degrees in STEM Subjects

A study conducted by Georgetown University shows that 65% of people with bachelor's degrees in STEM subjects make larger salaries than those with master's degrees in non-STEM subjects.  Holders of STEM certificates are sitting pretty, as well; many earn more than people with non-STEM degrees.

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