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Education Innovation

Building on the Maker's Faire Movement

Maker Faire Robot logoWith the growth of job opportunities in STEM fields also accelerating emphasis on related academic pursuits, there's a growing question of whether that is enough.

Revere High School Shakes Things Up

Revere High School in Revere MAIt's no secret that different kids learn in different ways. However, in a 'regular' classroom set up, especially in the No Child Left Behind era of standardized testing, too often only one style of teaching can be applied and some kids don't do as well.

Hopkinton High School Remains a State Leader

The Massachusetts state average in standardized testing for science is 72%.

Exciting, Hands-On Learning Experiences Build Interest in STEM Careers

Making science come alive for kids through interactive, hands-on, inquiry-based learning is key to getting them "hooked" enough to pursue STEM subjects as their academic careers advance.  Darryl Lee Baynes, president of the Minority Aviation Education Association's Interactive Science Programs, has an action-packed formula for encouraging minority students to think about pursuin

US2020 Initiative Launched

The Boston-based non-profit Citizen Schools has long been working with corporate partners to bring exciting STEM experiences into the classroom and give students access to STEM professionals.

Project Based Learning: The Fifth Academic Class

MSSEF received notification of an opportunity through the UMass STEM Ed Institute that we thought we’d share with "Inquiry First" readers.  Mohawk Trail High School has been a long-time participant in the Massachusetts State Science Fair program.

A Million More STEM Grads Needed Over Next Decade, White House Says

We already knew that the demand for STEM graduates was on the rise to meet the demands of a changing economy, but recently the White House put a big number on how critical the demand really is.

Somerville High School Physics Teacher Michael Maloney Wins Cubist Educator of the Week!

Michael Maloney, Assistant Director of the Massachusetts Region IV Science Fair, received "Educator of the Week" honors at the Sunday, September 30 Patriots football game through Cubist Pharmaceuticals’

To Strengthen Science, Bring Back Grammar

Randolph-Macon College English Professor Thomas Peyser makes an interesting case for the importance of STEM students having a strong foundation in grammar in the Richmond Times-Dispatch.  "...we can be confident that the abandonment of instruction in grammar is robbing us not just of future writers but of future scientists, physicians and engineers as well," he writes.

Awards Available for Innovations in Game-Based Learning

As games gain popularity among students as an education delivery method, the Department of Education has jumped on board with awards that focus on game-based learning education technology products.  The Institute of Education Sciences -- the research arm


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