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Education Innovation

Merging Arts and Science Education

Integrating the arts into STEM education can have powerful effects on student performance.

Obama Proposes STEM Master Teacher Corps

A $1 billion plan announced by President Obama yesterday would provide for the creation of a corps of exemplary "master teachers" in STEM subjects who would lend their expertise to mentoring other teachers in all 50 states.

"60 Minutes" Profiles Visionary STEM Education Leader

The University of Maryland Baltimore County is a STEM machine, due to the vision and leadership of Freeman Hrabowski.

Colleges Chosen to Participate in $50 Million Science Education Initiative

Forty-seven small U.S. colleges and universities have been chosen by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute to receive funding for the creation of collaborative, engaging undergraduate science classes.  “Collaboration is a vital activity that drives science forward,” said HHMI President Robert Tjian.

From The Trenches: How I Attracted Nearly 300 Kids to AP Computer Science

With the statistics pointing overwhelmingly to a dire need for STEM-trained students to graduate into the US workforce, the question remains: How do educators break down the barriers that can prevent some perfectly capable students from enrolling in

Learning STEM in Classrooms Modeling the Future

A message that has been popping up with increasing frequency in the mainstream media recently is that the future of our country depends in large part on our success at training the next generation of STEM workers.  Yet all too often, an ominous warning accompanies that message: American students are falling behind in STEM subjects, an

Re-Thinking 'Seat Time' Requirements

Should credit for proficiency in a school subject really be tied to how long a student physically spends in a classroom "learning" that subject?

William J. Bennett Speaks Out on the Importance of STEM Education

Former Secretary of Education William Bennett is afraid that we're facing a national crisis if U.S. students continue to turn out sub-par performances in STEM subjects.

MIT to Harness Students' Interest in Gaming to Teach STEM

Thanks to a new $3 million grant from the Gates Foundation, a massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) will soon be available from MIT to boost high school students' understanding of STEM subjects.  With the aim of engaging students on topics that run the risk of alienating many of them when taught via the traditional classroom model, the MIT Education Arca

Corporate-Nonprofit Partnership Looks to Cultivate STEM Talent

ECO Classroom, the product of a $2 million investment by global security company Northrop Grumman in partnership with leading green group Conservation International, aims to strengthen STEM education in the U.S.


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