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Education Innovation

Innovative Program Brings STEM Students into K-12 Classrooms

Enthusiasm is contagious, as they say. That's one of the underlying theories behind CalTeach, a California program that aims to inspire K-12 students by harnessing older students' enthusiasm for STEM subjects. At the same time, CalTeach enables those older students -- college STEM majors -- to become credentialed teachers during their undergrad experience.

Boosting STEM Education Tops "Road Map to Renewal" Agenda

A new report, "Road Map to Renewal," from the President's Council on Jobs & Competitiveness, calls for better STEM education in grades K-12 as a foundation for future job cr

Science Fair Victory Helps Launch a Career

For Stephan Turnipseed, winning a seventh grade science fair was transformative experience.  The current LEGO Education President keeps the framed certificate won at the time of his science fair victory close at hand to remind him of the power of discovery, which his company harnesses so well to the benefit of generations of students.  "Our dramatic ability to engage and motivate students, and unlock

Who's the Scientist?

What preconceived notions do middle school students have about scientists?  The image of the myopic, middle-aged, lab-coat-wearing geek flew out the window for a group of 7th graders, who drew their impressions of scientists before and after a field trip to Fermilab to meet real, working scientists on the job. Via

National Park Service Expanding STEM Education Effort

With the lofty goal of reaching one quarter of America's students, the National Park Service is assuming a leadership role is supporting environmental literacy.  Through virtual field trips, teacher professional development and partnerships -- as well as facilitating access to the parks for students -- Park Service leaders aim to reach students who otherwise would not have the opportunity to benefit

The Role of Museums in STEM Education

National Museum of Natural History - IMG 1966Boston Museum of Science president and director Yannis N.

Meadowbrook, MA LEGO Smart Creativity Project Wins Big

What better way to spark an early interest in science in students than to let them play with LEGOs!  Meadowbrook School in Massachusetts did just that, with impressive results.  The school entered -- and won -- the LEGO Smart Creativity Contest.  Students used LEGOs and NXT robotics in their creation of a "green" city, complete with solar panels instal

Boston Herald Series on Standout Boston Schools Reveals Secrets to Success

Today, the Boston Herald launches a five-part series on Boston public schools that exemplify education that works.

More Time in Science Class = Greater Science Proficiency

It stands to reason that the more time a student spends learning a subject, the better that student will perform on tests of that subject matter. A recently-released report from the National Center on Time & Learning erases any doubt about it -- where science is concerned, at least.


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